A faster-loading site may be more important than you think

Do you worry about how well your website performs on mobile devices? You should. The first reason why is that there are probably more visitors than you think accessing your site with tablet computers and smartphones. If you’re running Google Analytics, take a look under “Visitors > Mobile”. It may be a small proportion of your website traffic, but it’s still significant, and almost certainly growing. The second reason to worry about how well your website performs on mobile devices is that Google cares. And we know what that means. An excellent discussion on the subject can be found in Panda, Android and Site Load Speed on Vertical Leap’s Search Engine Marketing Blog, which contains the highly amusing paragraph:

Google’s search market dominance allows them a big advantage – they can leverage their algorithm to shape the way that people build sites. For example, let’s say that Google wants people to build yellow sites, well, they make yellow a ranking factor in their algorithm, tell people about it (or leave those of us who work in the search marketing industry to work it out), and, there you are; like a victorious parent, the Internet has got custardy.

See what they did there?

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