Why your Google AdWords ads need to change …constantly

Google is constantly testing out variations in its AdWords ads to achieve stronger response. Some of the changes work better because they are, er, better; others work because they’re a change (and people notice change). Something quite new is normally observable every month, although only a few require positive steps to be taken on the advertiser’s part to take advantage of them. One of the most recent examples (which I don’t like, but hey, if it gets the job done) has been to include the advertiser’s domain name in the title of the ad. Another has been to ‘promote’ the first of the two description lines up alongside the title.

Now, we just have to trust Google’s experimentation that this will provide better results for us, but one thing’s for sure: even if you don’t need to do anything (although you have needed to in the second example above), then you may well want to rewrite your adverts to take maximum advantage of the changes.

Can you just bump along, not worrying about all this? Well yes, but it’s not going to help you get good value from your AdWords campaigns. Here’s why. The position in which your advert runs is affected as much by how often it gets clicked on as it is by how much you’re bidding. If one of the changes which Google arbitrarily introduces should happen to make your advert look scruffy, then it’s not likely to get clicked on so often. Your ad will fall further down the page, and will be clicked on even less frequently, for a given bid. So it’s essential to re-examine all of your ads in light of any changes in the way your copy is being presented.

If you run a Google AdWords campaign yourself, but don’t give it the attention it deserves, we’d love to run it for you. Just give us the nod. And if you use an advertising agency to run a Google AdWords campaign, ask them if they’ve amended the ads in the last month (or year!) and if so, why and how. If your ads haven’t been changed at all, they’re not doing their job.

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