One thing you could do this summer

I’ve written loads here about the importance of having great (and unique) titles and descriptions on every web page on your site, and there’s no argument for not having this. Our wonderful Insider Programme members, who we’d do anything for, can ask us for a big spreadsheet of their site, showing every page, every title, every description, every headline and more. It’s a quite sobering thing to look at, for most website owners, and nearly always shows that there’s a lot of work to do. Nearly every time we create such a report for someone, we find huge swathes of their website where every page has the same description, or none at all.

So why have so many companies let their websites get into such a state? I suspect it’s because things quickly get to the point where resolving the problem would require more time than anyone has available. Fair enough: some of you will have absurd demands on your time, and rewriting largely-invisible items on your website isn’t going to get into the top 100 most pressing jobs any time soon. We’ve helped out some companies on several occasions now by arranging for a professional writer to fix the site, as a subcontracted task. One site for which we rewrote all the titles and descriptions had nearly 1000 pages. However, although it requires a decent level of literacy, it doesn’t need the world’s greatest copywriter. There are a lot of students out there looking for temporary office work this summer.

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