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Best position for a Google +1 button?

Last month I mentioned Google’s new “+1” button offering, where sites can display a little “+1” icon and any visitor who likes the site can indicate that by clicking it. Nobody quite knows how it’s going to be used in practice, but it’s even now being suggested that if your site gets enough clicks on its “+1” button, the badge will appear on AdWords ads as well as in the Google results. If the initiative proves popular, I’m pretty convinced there’ll be a standard position on the page where +1 buttons will appear, and so for the best position for a Google +1 button, my money is on the top right corner.

Ever the early adopter, I’ve put a +1 button on the BMON website, so if you click through, you can see what one looks like. And if you should be so kind to click on it while you’re there, you may end up with my eternal gratitude. I’ll report back on whether it has any impact or not!

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