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Advertising on Google: our aim is to make you look good

We put out a separate mailing last week to all readers, promoting a special offer we’re doing to get a few more of you to join the many industrial and scientific companies using us to completely manage a Google AdWords campaign. I hope you didn’t mind, and thanks to the many of you who indicated you’d like to take things further. I still find it hard to believe that there are companies out there who are not using Google AdWords, unless their advertising budget really is zero this year; the simple facts are this: nothing brings in new business as cost-effectively as your website, and nothing gets traffic to your website as cost-effectively as Google AdWords. That’s it.

Yet it’s quite likely that you can go to any trade exhibition and find one or two companies who think it makes business sense to spend thousands of pounds on a chilly, unvisited stand, yet ignore the place where prospects are really looking for them: Google. You can probably still find one or two half-page adverts in any dying trade magazine which were placed by companies who were prepared to shell out £600 on something which won’t ever come out of its wrapper, but haven’t even tried pay-per-click advertising online. It doesn’t surprise me. I’ve been in this business long enough to know the ridiculous requirements placed on marketing managers by internal company politics, and I understand that year-on-year, there really isn’t the chance to try something different.

That’s why we developed a service which gets around all these difficulties. Firstly, there’s nothing for you to do, past telling us what products you want to promote, and where. We do everything else. That gets you into Google AdWords, and gives you something which colleagues and prospects can – and will – see, immediately. Secondly, we give you the reports, charts and feedback which are essential to demonstrate the success of what you’ve done. We understand the situation you’re in, and we know what you need. And all this for as little as £600 per month. Give Tony a call on 01462 489060 (or email him at and we can have everything sorted in 5 minutes’ time. Our existing clients love it, and we’re sure you will too. I’ll be quite candid about it: our aim is to make you look good.

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