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What are the questions which my visitors will be asking?

Here’s something to consider. Take a look at some of the pages on your website (or just the home page), and ask yourself this:

What are the questions which my visitors will be asking, that this page should answer?

Think about where the visitors may have come from. For example, for your home page, the questions your visitors will probably be asking might be:

Is this a company which makes blue widgets, like the Google link I just followed said it was?
Where can I get the free catalogue which I just saw in the company’s magazine advert?
I guessed the company’s website address to look up its phone number; now where is it?
I’ve just seen someone else using this company’s blue widgets, now how do I get one?

I’m sure you can think up many more possibilities. Ask around the office. For each question (and you know what I’m going to say here), you need to honestly assess if the page is doing its job. As a secondary exercise, look at each element of the page in turn, and ask what question that element is answering, and if that question is really something any visitor is going to be asking.

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