How to build a real audience for your news

I don’t normally recommend stuff you have to pay for, but I’m going to make an exception today, because I’ve just bought an excellent eBook and would thoroughly recommend that you get a copy and have a read too. The reason? It’s all about email, and in particular, list building. And in industrial and scientific marketing, we all know how important email is.

List Building For Bloggers – despite the title – is not only for those of you with blogs as part of your websites, but for anyone who maintains an email list (which I imagine is every business-to-business company). Your email recipients – or at least the opted-in ones who want to hear from you – are perhaps the biggest marketing asset you have, alongside your company website. Why? Because they’re actually interested in what you’ve got to say.

Think about it. This daily article, for example, goes out to about 1,000 people, and each one of you reading it as an email has asked to receive it. Now, I know from the clickthrough rates to items which I mention that at least a third of the emails are read seriously and cause the recipient to take action. That’s the quality of a good, opted-in email list. Compare that response of over 33% with, say, direct postal mail (which might give you 1% to 2% response typically), or emails to an untargeted list, or one belonging to someone else (which might also give you under 1% response). To register my message with 333 people, I’d have to email or direct mail perhaps 30,000 of them. Or more.

A well-curated, opted-in email list should be a major asset of every industrial and scientific company, and it’s never too late to start building yours. Not only will you see an increasing benefit as time goes on, but your successors will be forever grateful to you for creating something so valuable.

List Building For Bloggers is written by Phil Hollows, who runs the Feedblitz email distribution service, which we use to distribute this very blog. Phil operates out of the US nowadays, but came from this side of the pond originally. It’s $9.95 and can be paid for with a PayPal account.

There’s more information at the sales page which Phil has set up for the book.

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  1. There’s no doubt in my mind a good email list is worth much more than a mailing list and from my experience marketing my personal training business my email list tends to convert in to paying customers at a much higher rate then direct mail does.

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