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Be brave: ignore the most obvious search terms

There’s some interesting new research about Google traffic which you might like to take a look at, discussed in The Number One Spot – how to use the new search curve CTR data on the Smart Insights blog. The investigation looks at the difference in response you might get between the first and lesser positions in the Google results, and not surprisingly, the top spot is way more effective than lower ones. In fact, it gets about the same number of clicks as the rest of the first-page results put together.

Unfortunately, the top spot for generic product classifications is often beyond the reach of most manufacturers, especially if the competition includes sites like Wikipedia. So it may make more sense to concentrate on the less-used search terms. Tools such as those found in the Google AdWords system give you a good idea of the number of searches being made on any particular term, so it’s not hard to work out whether you’d get more traffic from the number 1 position for “fast blue widgets” than you would from the number 5 position for “widgets”. And let’s face it, if you’re selling fast blue widgets, would you rather have 10 visitors who typed “fast blue widgets” into Google or 10 who just typed in “widgets”?

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