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Oh, didn’t we tell you about that?

A client of ours, who we write a blog for, recently told us that one of the surprising benefits they’d seen was not in getting information to prospects and clients, but in getting it to their own distributors, partners and even staff. I was intrigued. Here’s what had happened. When they set up the blog, they created an email distribution list alongside it. This meant that every time they added something to the blog, it was automatically emailed to everyone on the list. That’s exactly what’s happening here, if you’re reading this in an email – I added this article to the blog last night, and it was distributed automatically in the small hours.

Their initial list consisted of about 100 people. They contacted a couple of hundred prospects and clients, and asked if they could add them to the distribution list. About 30 said yes please. The other 70, however, were their own distributors, partners and staff. Now, every time the marketing department puts out a message (via the blog), it gets emailed to everyone involved with the company.

What’s so clever about this? Nothing, of course. Except that beforehand, all these distributors, partners and staff had rarely been “in the loop” when it came to company news. Resources could have been added to the website, case studies published, major company news announced, but there was no mechanism for getting this information to everyone internally. Customers often knew about goings-on before members of the company’s own staff.

Anyway, I’m sure you don’t have that problem.

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