Make time to spring clean your website

One of the reasons I try to encourage every B2B company to have a blog is that it makes your company seem active, alive and part of the market. If I come across a company website which looks like it was designed ten years ago, it’s often unclear whether the company is actually still in business at all, never mind being the sort of go-ahead organisation I’d prefer to do business with. One of the things most people do, when browsing around a website to get a “feel” of a supplier, is to see what’s new. If there’s a blog, it’s all in front of you. Your “today’s date” ticker on the home page doesn’t fool anybody.

But even if you don’t have a blog, and the only sign of any life on your company’s website is the “press releases” page, which last had something added six months ago, at least try to make sure you’re not embarrassing yourself any further by having completely out-of-date material on the site. Go and get a sitemap of every page on your site (use Xenu’s Link Sleuth or something), and see what’s hanging around on the site which really shouldn’t be there any more. Don’t delete any pages, as that would just give you broken external links, but modify them with a message which tells visitors that the page is no longer current, but has been retained for reference purposes, and give them the page which they should be looking at now. If a page really must be deleted, give it a proper “301 redirection” so visitors are seamlessly taken to the replacement page.

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