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Converting giveaways to enquiries: a third way

There are those of you who say: “I’m not giving away any of my company literature online unless I get a name and address in return. So what if it means only a tenth as many people read my company literature? They’re no use to me if I don’t know who they are.” And there are those of you who say: “I just want to get my company literature in front of as many people as possible. I don’t need to know who gets it. I’ll find out when they come back to me to buy”.

I stopped taking sides on that one long ago, because most marketing managers seem to have fairly fixed opinions. But here’s a well-written suggestion for a ‘third way’. Try It: An Easy Tweak for Better Leads on the B2B Web Strategy Blog says we should experiment with giving away the content without registration, but on the same page, having a ‘more information’ form. The author seems convinced that it gets great results, and it makes sense. After all, even when I write a promotion which says: “click here to visit a page where you can fill in a form to request something”, I’m delighted if 20% of the people who click through actually fill in the form, despite knowing exactly what they were going to be offered, and what was going to be required of them. Surely anything must stand a good chance of improving on that.

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