Your Google results get that little bit less prominence

Inevitably perhaps, video ads are coming to the Google results. It might be a while before there’ll be videos of machining centres or gas detection equipment in action (it’s only being offered to promote movies at the moment), but it’s only a matter of time. Yet another small step towards you getting pushed out of the Google results if you’re relying on free “natural search”, I’m afraid.

If your website traffic is dominated currently by free visitors from Google, expect that to become a steadily declining stream in the future. The free ride has been good while it’s lasted, but to keep up with the opposition, it’s going to be more and more necessary to pay for that all-important first-page place in the search results.


  1. Portland Web Development

    Really its a bit shocking news to the one who belongs to natural listing. even though videos are listing in the featured section, are our natural listing will get little bit less prominence?

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