The Panda’s not coming to get you

A month ago I mentioned the major update to the Google results which was on the way, known as the “Panda” update. The significance of this update may explain why so far, it appears to only have been implemented in the US; presumably Google is monitoring the impact. In the rest of the world, we’re still waiting to see any changes. However, the good news is that according to at least one study, pages on B2B company websites are coming higher in the Google results for individual search terms than they were before. This would make sense: the aim of this new update is, apparently, to downgrade websites which just collate other articles from around the web, and if Google has got it right, that won’t include your company site.

If this is an indication of the direction in which Google is heading, and there’s every reason to believe that it is, the implications for your website should be clear. We already know that more content is the key to attracting visitors; the key thing to remember is that the content should be original. If you’re commissioning someone else to write it, you need to be confident that they’re not taking shortcuts and copying material from elsewhere on the web, whether it’s product descriptions or ‘authority’ background articles. I don’t think there’s any better way than giving someone a verbal briefing from an expert and having them write the article from that transcript alone …even for such apparently trivial items as the features and benefits on your product pages.

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