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Schedule investment in your website: it’s the only way

Long-time readers will be quite familiar with my recipe for a successful B2B company website. It’s not particularly radical, and almost every online marketing advisor in the world would agree with it. There are three stages. Firstly, ensure your website is well structured and is search-engine friendly, and that new content takes on all the correct attributes automatically. Secondly, write new content frequently. If the way you want to present your company and its products doesn’t lend itself to having more material added within the main structure, start a blog or a section of the website where you can add this content. Thirdly, promote what you’ve done. Use email, use social media, use pay-per-click advertising, use the facilities which other websites offer to publicise yours. As part of all this, you’ll start to build external links as well as real traffic too.

Your website is the single biggest marketing asset you have. Do not treat it like office furniture: “Right, I’ve bought a new desk, that should do for the next few years, when it gets tatty I’ll buy a new one.” A website is not like that – it’s a fire which needs constant stoking. You should be spending time and money on it every week. If you’re not, I can only assume you have no marketing budget, because nothing has a greater priority.

Item number one for next year’s marketing budget? What percentage are we going to devote to ongoing expansion of our website and its visitor traffic each week?

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