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Yesterday I probably made myself a few enemies by saying that affordable “search engine optimisation” outsourcing is probably a waste of money. But a comment someone made was that they expected me to be leading up to a suggestion that unlike SEO consultants, here at BMON we could do the job for you, because we actually know and understand your markets.

Much as it might have been predictable, that was never going to be the conclusion. We may have some big advantages over someone who comes from an unrelated background, but the fact remains that the cost for us to do a decent subcontracted SEO job would still remain unattractive to all but the most ambitious companies in the engineering and scientific sectors. The difference is in being honest that cheap subcontracted SEO work is all but useless. We prefer to offer online marketing services which can be properly outsourced: tell us to get on with the job, and you’ll only hear from us when you ask for it.

Instead, BMON provides the tools to help you sort things out yourself. For £400, we’ll give your site an “SEO audit” and produce a 16-page report on what’s good and what’s bad, and a priority list of things which need to be fixed. For £100 a month, joining us all on the Insider Programme will give you a 52-week coaching course on every aspect of online B2B marketing, so you know what to do. And at the same time, if there’s anything else you need to know, I’m available for advice and analysis whenever you need me. Over the past three years, we’ve supported over 75 companies in this way, and we love it.

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  1. Chris, I find your candour most refreshing!

    What I find continuously frustrating, as an engineer turned sometime marketer, is that little of the marketing seems to be “outsourceable”. There is so much that is very product/service specific. I have been struggling with this for 30 years, one way or another, and the main thing I have learned is that without a thorough understanding of your exact place in the market you have little chance. Unfortunately I still don’t properly understand our place in the market!

    How can I expect an outsider, then, to be able to work out our place in the market? I think the best an outside marketing consultant could do for a specialised tech company like us is to guide and mentor us along a path to better self-understanding. We would still have to do much of the actual work ourselves, particularly writing/content generation.

    David Stonier-Gibson
    SPLat Controls Pty Ltd

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