Do you switch the kitchen light out with your chin?

It’s amazing how many people type questions into Google. The smart thing to do would be to type in as much of the answer as you know, because that’s what you’re really looking for. So if you want to know how big the world’s largest widget is, don’t type in: “how big is the world’s largest widget?”, type in: “the world’s largest widget is”. However, it can be an intriguing exercise to see what questions people have “asked” Google which have subsequently led them to your website. Go into your analytics, click on “search engines” (and then probably on the top one, which will presumably be Google) and find the list of top “keywords”. Then filter the keyword lists for words like “how”, or even for question marks (which you’ll need to prefix with a backslash).

You might find some questions are sending people to your website, but you don’t actually have those words in that order on the site. It might be an idea to rectify that situation by actually having that question somewhere, in those exact words.

I was quite amused to find that 478 people had ended up at one of my websites by typing into Google: “do you switch the kitchen light out with your chin?”.

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