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Competitions are a hugely neglected way of connecting with your customers and attracting new prospects into your world. You may even sell products which would make attractive prizes, so the cost of the prize would be even lower than it would appear. And it’s not hard to include a tick box which says: “add me to your circulation for new product information” or “if I don’t win, send me details about this great product anyway”. Perhaps there’s a paid-for event coming up, to which you could offer free tickets. For the cost of that prize, you get to tell every entrant about the event. It really is one of the most cost-effective marketing exercises around.

So why don’t we see more competitions in industrial and scientific marketing? I suspect that the reason is a combination of online response systems being a chore to set up, and postal competitions being renowned for attracting low response.

If you’re one of our Insider Programme members, you’re welcome to use our “Landing Page Creator” to build a response form for a competition. It couldn’t be simpler. I just made one here, and it took me 4 minutes and 30 seconds. And yes, it’s a real competition, and you’re very welcome to enter.

If you really can’t afford the £100/month to join us on the Insider Programme, then I’m sure we can set you up with a landing page like that for a small consideration. A competition isn’t frivolous, it can be a serious marketing tool which can serve a number of purposes.

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