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Why Tweet?

Every time I’ve set someone up with a company blog, I’ve ensured that it posts any new content straight to Twitter (this blog does too, and you can follow it at @bmon). Several owners of shiny new blogs have said: “That’s neat, but I can’t see our company having time to commit to maintaining a decent Twitter stream which people would want to follow”. My reply is that it doesn’t matter. Sure, it would be great if you could run an engaging Twitter stream, but even if you can’t, it costs nothing – and takes literally zero effort – to post everything new on your website to Twitter. And there are advantages to doing that – so why wouldn’t you?

Can Twitter have an effect which is broader than just informing your Twitter followers that you’ve got something new to say to them? Yes it can. Read A Tweet’s Effect On Rankings – An Unexpected Case Study on SEOmoz to see one way how. Of course, as the folks concerned readily admit, they’re dealing in big numbers here, but it does suggest that the links found in Twitter do have an effect on your Google ranking. Of course, one of the reasons it worked might be that sites publish Tweets on their pages, but as long as it gets results, we’ll leave the SEO people to argue why.

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