SEO is more important, but PPC may hold the key

Although we specialise in running PPC (pay-per-click, e.g Google AdWords) advertising campaigns for industrial and scientific businesses like yours, I would rarely suggest that PPC advertising is more important than SEO (search engine optimisation). The advertising option can be astonishing value while you’re doing it, but getting your site performing well in the search engines will have an impact that lasts for a long, long time. However, as SEO requires effort, and PPC requires budget, the two are by no means alternatives to each other. Not only do they work well side-by-side, but they can even help each other.

If you’ve had a good PPC advertising campaign running for a while, you’ll know why. The campaign will not only tell you what the most relevant search terms are for driving traffic to your website; if you’ve been tracking it carefully, it’ll reveal which search terms actually discover the people who have the most interest in your products. I have seen many examples over the years of a company which thought its key search term was “big red widgets”, only to discover through a Google AdWords campaign that “fast red widgets” brought in more visitors, and then that “speedy red widgets” brought in the most genuinely-engaged visitors.

And guess what? The first question which needs to be answered when undertaking a search engine optimisation project is “what are the most important search terms you need the site to be found for?” If you’ve been running a Google AdWords campaign, you’ll have a very good idea of the real answers. That in turn will put you ahead of anyone who tries to optimise their website for a term they just think might be important.

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