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Possibly-not-so-long-tail search terms

Here’s an interesting exercise in “keyword research”. You have someone who answers the phone in your company, or even within your sales department, right? If you do, they probably listen to a succession of people describing your company’s products and what they want to do with them. “I’m wondering if you sell a widget which I can use to control a sprocket adaptor?”, says the caller. “I’ll just put you through to our technical sales team”, says whoever answers the phone.

Now, it turns out that you do sell the right product for the caller. But you might never have thought of your product as a widget to control a sprocket adaptor. And in the normal run of things, that description would have just died with the phone call, and certainly once your sales team had corrected the customer on the terminology. But what if you got whoever answers the phone to make a note of how customers actually describe your products? There could be a goldmine of real-world terminology in there, and one or two descriptions which just might make really good web pages. Pages that could appear at the top of the Google results for these possibly-not-so-long-tail search terms.

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