I wrote this with no distractions, sitting in a bar

Last week, one of our Insider Programme members asked me how we manage to offer our services so inexpensively. Apart from asking them for a testimonial, I took that as a compliment. But the real answer is that the way we want to work just happens not to cost a lot, and we can attract more clients by passing that on. When it comes to Google AdWords management services, our competition is mainly from advertising agencies, and the majority of those have eye-wateringly expensive offices located unnecessarily in central London, or vast glass and chrome palaces in the countryside. Guess who pays for those? When it comes to the Insider Programme, we can offer coaching and personal support in improving your company’s web presence, but we do it promptly and (we hope) efficiently by email or telephone. Of course I’m not going to trek across the country to sit in a meeting with you, but you wouldn’t expect that for £100 a month, would you? Again, most consultants assume that face-to-face meetings are part of the deal, and build that into the cost. I can do an awful lot of work for clients in the time I might have been sitting in a traffic jam on the A14. In the last month alone, we’ve helped out one client who discovered a website/Google crisis on a Friday afternoon, and needed things fixing for the weekend, and we’ve spotted a website disaster on another client’s site at 10pm (we were able to alert them about the situation in time for them having to confront the fallout at the office the next morning). In general, the virtual office is probably no nearer being commonplace than it was ten years ago, but you can take advantage of those people who have been able to go down that route.

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