Could QR Codes be a useful tool in industrial marketing?

A reader (thanks Bob!) recently brought up the subject of QR codes, and how we might use them in industrial marketing. There’s no doubt that this could be an interesting technology. QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes, which of course originally came out of the manufacturing sector, but free smartphone apps to read them bring all sorts of possibilities. The most obvious will of course be in consumer marketing, but it’s a technology which is worth knowing about. And if you’re skeptical that enough customers are going to have the capability or enthusiasm to read them, at least consider how you could be the one to read them, perhaps as part of a response or check-in mechanism.

The best guide I can find at the moment is Marketing with QR codes on Smart Insights Digital Marketing, a great article which discusses a whole range of applications.


3 thoughts on “Could QR Codes be a useful tool in industrial marketing?”

  1. I recently had the opportunity to observe the DMA’s mobile marketing council, and whilst everyone agreed QR codes are an excellent way of targeting mobile users, the uptake has been relatively slow. In fact, it was noted that more consumers are puzzled by what the little square barcode-looking things actually are.

    What was causing more of a stir was the possibilities surrounding nfc technology.

    Google touched on targeting mobile users with nfc in their Watch This Space keynote. It’s 40mins long but well worth a watch:

  2. Use of QR codes on equipment or in documentation to access IOM (Installation, Operation & Maintenance) manuals online seems an obvious application. One could be assured they are getting the most up-to-date revision. Emergency information would be another good use for the industrial sector.

    In the global marketplace where the written language can be a barrier, ready access to visual instructions in the field via the internet could be very helpful, indeed.

    Thanks for your daily dose of online business marketing Chris. I look forward to your bite-size lesson each day.

  3. I know one plant maintenance engineer who would just love it if, when on site at a refinery, he could point his iPhone at a QR code on a pump, motor, etc., and have the documentation appear on screen. It would be very, very simple to do, and would cost nothing.

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