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Channelling the link energy

Everybody hates link-building and loves the idea that you can get the same effect (albeit with much less impact) by manipulating and building the links within your own website. I mentioned it the other day, but there’s a good guide to how to do it in Keyword Specific Ranking with Internal Linking on Search Engine People. The basic sequence is this: choose a search term you want to rank well for; make sure you have a great page on that subject; find out which pages on your site already rank for that search term; and link to your chosen page from each of those, using relevant anchor text.

Give it a try. You can monitor the performance of the exercise in Google by looking things up manually, although if you’re an Insider Programme member, you can use the Google Position Reports you’re sent every Friday morning. Just make sure the search term is added to the monitoring list before you begin the exercise.

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