To beat the competition, you need to catch up first

If you’re not top of the Google results for an important search term, it can be even harder to bear if that position is occupied by a competitor. So how are they doing it? I assume you’ve got all your on-page search engine optimisation in order (if you haven’t, join our Insider Programme today and find out what you need to do). If you’re happy with your own site, the thing which the competitor is doing better than you is probably getting links to its pages from other websites. Time then to start the big catch-up programme. And where best to start? Let’s see what links the competitor has got, and if any of them are from places where you too could have a link …but haven’t got one. Take a look at Open Site Explorer and enter your competitor’s domain. I like to set it to show “followed” links from “external pages only” to “all pages on the root domain” to begin with. With any luck, you’ll see a few guides or directories there which you don’t appear in, but which your competitor clearly does. Get those links!

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