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Social media: what is it good for?

I spent some time discussing “social media” with a client the other day, and in particular its relevance for us here in the somewhat less-social world of industrial and scientific marketing. It became clear that it would be very useful to have a summary sheet to answer “what services does the term social media actually cover?” and “what is each one good for?” It didn’t take long to find one, and I thought it was worth wider exposure. Everything you always wanted to know and didn’t get around to asking…

2 thoughts on “Social media: what is it good for?”

  1. I found this interesting especially the comments on LinkedIn. I think I have more friends or followers or whatever they call ’em on LinkedIn than anywhere else but there is really little interaction between us.

    Although I use LinkedIn somewhat it is usually a vehicle for retransmitting my tweets. Maybe a you could talk about LinkedIn what it’s for and how to use it effectively especially groups.

    I use Facebook for my business (A Fan Page) and also for personal/hobby stuff and I tweet for a mixture but mostly business. But LinkedIn is a sort of poor relation.

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