Pointing everyone in the right direction

If you want a particular page on your site to rank highly in Google for a certain search term, the first thing you need to do is to let Google know which one it is. That means plenty of links to the page, using that search term as the link. So if I want to tell Google which page on our site I want to rank for AdWords management services, I need lots of links just like that one, with the term “AdWords management services” as the bit that’s underlined, linking to the appropriate page. This is called the anchor text. Google takes it as a pointer as to what that page is all about.

If you take a look at a page on our Company Directory you’ll see this technique used a lot. Each of those links in the main body text is adding to the performance of the page it points to, for the term it uses as its anchor text. The underlined text “diabetes care” is helping the page to which it points rank just that little bit better in the Google results for a search on “diabetes care”.

Now, links just like that which are on great external sites are what you should be constantly trying to get. But you should also have them on your own site. That’s something you can sort out today. Suppose you have a page called “bluewidgets.html” which is your page about blue widgets. Search your site for occurrences of the term “blue widgets” and see if you can convert them into links to “bluewidgets.html”. There’s nothing wrong with pages which look like the one in our Company Directory above – in fact, that’s exactly what the whole concept of links was invented for: to make it easy for the reader to click through and find out more about any term.

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