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If only this solution was more scalable…

Have you just written a slogan or headline for an advertisement which doesn’t exactly get to the point? Or (more likely) has an advertising agency just proposed something really bland to you? I suspect you will really enjoy Things Real People Don’t Say About Advertising. The moral of the story: read what you’ve just written out loud to someone who doesn’t really care, and see if they understand what you’re getting at.

(note: a couple of examples on the earlier pages use expletives which might be deemed ‘not suitable for work’)

1 thought on “If only this solution was more scalable…”

  1. Excellent. Gave me some much needed amusement on a Monday morning … and so true. I particularly liked the Twitter stream about Kleenex one. Why would anyone follow a Facebook page for a washing up liquid, as I saw suggested on a TV ad the other day?

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