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Google: still quite important then

Google has dominated business to business search for several years now. It has the highest market share globally, but an even higher one still in Europe, and higher than elsewhere in the business sector. Put those together, and it’s not surprising if your own website analytics reports show it provides you with more than 90% of the visitors from search engines. However, there’s plenty of chatter about the amalgamated opposition (Yahoo! and Microsoft’s Bing) putting up increasing resistance. My own view is that this may be the case in the United States, from where most web-related chatter comes, but we’re not seeing it in Europe. Of course, internet history has shown that where the US goes, everyone else follows, so keep an eye on what’s happening. If you’re doing pay-per-click advertising with Google AdWords, and are interested in the US market, it might be worth taking a look at Microsoft’s AdCenter alternative.

Meanwhile, Google has just become the number one search engine in the Czech Republic. Why is that interesting? Because apparently that leaves only five countries on earth where it’s not the most popular site for searching the web. The last five are all quite important (Russia, Japan, China, Taiwan and South Korea), but that’s still quite some achievement.

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  1. Looking at our GA figures for past 12 months, Google accounts for 92.5% of our unpaid search visitors; Bing 2.9% and Yahoo 2.5%. Google’s dominance is virtually unchanged compared to the previous 12 months with a slight gain for Bing – 93%, 1.6% and 2.7% respectively.

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