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Don’t be influenced too heavily by Sales

A great article on the Marketing Interactions blog examines the reasons why marketing decisions should not be influenced too heavily by the sales department. “It’s not because they’re wrong”, says the author, “it’s simply that their areas of interest and focus are different.” Now, I know many of you are at companies which are small enough for you to be the sales and marketing department, so you’ll understand the different interests. Similarly, most B2B marketing managers of my acquaintance understand that their remit is more than just delivering sales leads. However, the sales team’s view of the market will be coloured by only ever meeting prospects who’ve made enquiries: prospects who have already gone through the education process. For the sales team, the need to get out and educate the market in the first place may seem unnecessary. It’s marketing’s job to insist on a broader approach.

Have a read of Where Sales Can Lead Marketing Off Course and let me know what you think.

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