Credit where it’s due

If you’re ever looking for some photographic images for a web page, a brochure or a presentation, and you don’t have the time or budget to take them yourself, you’re usually faced with a dilemma. You can get them from an image library like iStockphoto, or you can just go and find something online via Google Image Search and steal that.

The problem with the former is that it costs money, and while that’s fine for a brochure or a website, it’s hard to justify if you’re just preparing a Powerpoint presentation or a limited-circulation report. Stealing someone else’s image tends to be the approach most people take, but many of us feel uncomfortable with that. We end up not using any images at all, and that’s a shame, because there’s nothing more dull than text-only presentations.

There is another way! Take a look at the online image resource Flickr. Go to the advanced search option page, and look for photos with a “Creative Commons license” and use these. All that’s required for these images to be used however you wish is for a credit link to be provided alongside them, and to be quite honest, that tends to make the presentation look more professional anyway.

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