AdWords: the time has come to get things rolling

Search Engine Journal has just put up a nice introductory article about “pay per click” advertising (which has become almost synonymous with Google AdWords these days). If you’re thinking about dipping your toe in the water with AdWords – and that’s the least you should be doing in 2011 – then you might find How to Successfully Create a PPC Ad to be the simple introduction you’ve been meaning to find.

As you will have gathered, Google AdWords management is what we’re focusing on here at BMON this year. We’ve just started three more companies off this month, all with promising results. One has moved over from a faceless management service (BT, if you must know) and the others are trying out AdWords for the first time. In every case, we’re able to take the whole project off their hands, and just deliver the website traffic or sales enquiries. All this and we’d like to think we’re really nice people too, who understand your business.

If you’d like to find out more, Sarah at Adeptise has made us a really nice 6-page brochure which you can download right here. And drop Tony Rand or Rob Hancocks a line if you’d like us to make you a proposal. We can get a campaign running for as little as £600 a month. No extras. No minimum period. That’s it. Commercial over.

Google AdWords advertising with BMON brochure

Download our 6-page brochure.

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