Why does one page do better than others?

A really interesting new set of data has crept into Google Webmaster Tools which you might like to take a look at. (If you don’t have Google Webmaster Tools running on your site, give your website designer a good slap, and then join the Insider Programme for 2011 so you don’t let things like this past you again). It’s called “Search queries with top pages” and here’s how Google describes it:

“Now when you visit the search queries feature in Webmaster Tools you’ll see a new tab titled “Top Pages.” The “Top Pages” tab lists impression, click, and position data for the top pages on your site based on their performance in Google’s search results. If you click on one of the individual pages listed you’ll see a list of the queries driving traffic to that page, along with impressions and number of clicks for each query. Just like in the “Top queries” view, you can click on a specific query to see more detailed data and evaluate how the query is performing across the whole site.”

I love this, and have just spent an hour finding out some intriguing data about one of my sites. And it won’t be an hour wasted, because I think I can use the information to get a lot more traffic.

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