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Evergreen content: the gift which keeps on giving

Here’s a term you might not have come across, but which is an important one. Evergreen Content describes articles on a website which were written with the express intention of generating visitors over a long period. Often if you need to know some background about something, and it’s hard to track down the answer online, there’s some evergreen content waiting to be written. If a customer says: “I’m glad I’ve found you, I’ve been looking everywhere for someone who sells a widget to put tab A into slot B”, then there’s an ideal opportunity to write an article called “How to put tab A into slot B”. That becomes evergreen content: the gift which keeps on giving.

I’ve done this several times on this blog. Nearly two years ago I was setting up a standard template for my emails and I wondered: “What do you actually have to put in your email signature?” So I did some homework, created my email template, and wrote an article on what I’d found which still does very nicely in Google, thank you. It’s bringing in as many visitors today as it did back in February 2009.

You can do this. To what questions are prospects and customers coming to you for the answer? There’s your potential evergreen content. Graywolf’s SEO Blog thought that people might want to know what evergreen content was. So he wrote an article about it.

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