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As easy as booking an ad in a magazine

Yesterday I mentioned how excited we were that Rob Hancocks is joining us here at Business Marketing Online after Christmas. Today I’d just like to briefly outline what services we’ll be concentrating on offering in the new year, because we hope they’ll be of interest to a lot of you.

Firstly, we’re expanding and improving our Insider Programme, which is our low-cost coaching, consultancy and online marketing tools service. I’ll save the news about what’s going to be happening with this until the new year, but it’s going to be better than ever, and still only £100 a month for your company to join. We have dozens of member companies of all sizes, some into their third year with us, and I think I can say that all of them have improved their online marketing considerably during their time as members. The Insider Programme is being co-ordinated by Jackie West, former marketing communications manager at one of the UK’s best-known industrial automation component suppliers, so we really can say we understand your business and what you’re up against.

Our other area of activity in 2011 is going to be Google AdWords management. We’ve had increasing interest in this over the last 12 months from clients, and in no other area are we able to provide such a good return on investment as an outsourcing service. Google AdWords is becoming the single largest advertising channel for an increasing number of companies like yours in the industrial and scientific sectors, and quite a few have gone even further and directed their entire advertising budget to this one medium. When you look at the results, you can see why. However, with increased budgets comes increased complexity, and as any of you who’ve tried it know, running a Google AdWords campaign is a task for the most dedicated number-crunchers. What we’ve done is to find a way of making it as easy as booking an ad in a magazine. If you’d like to find out more, just have a word with Tony Rand, our Business Development Manager at

We all hope you have a restful and happy Christmas, and please don’t take any work home with you. I’ll be back early in the new year.

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