Advertising: are we all on the same page?

Where are you spending your advertising budget next year? Ever wondered if your contemporaries at other companies have different ideas?

I thought we’d find out. But this is going to need you all to join in. After all, there are over 1,000 readers of this email, so it should give us a good idea of the state of the market. We’ve put together a 30-second, 3-question poll on your advertising plans for next year. If we get enough of you to respond, we’ll announce the results here in a few days’ time.

This is a completely anonymous poll. We just thought you’d find it interesting to know whether or not you’re heading in the same direction as everyone else. So if you’re at an industrial or scientific company and are involved in the advertising side of things, please just click through now and let us know what types of advertising you’re planning to use in 2011.

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