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White Papers and Case Studies work best

On the subject of content generation, as I was yesterday, it’s interesting to read the findings of a publication called the B2B Technology Collateral Survey Report, discussed in Online content preferences of B2B technology buyers on the B2B Web Strategy Blog. Respondents to the survey rated 4- to 8-page “White Papers” with plenty of technical content as being their favourite type of written collateral. Fortunately this also lends itself to website-based material, either as a freely-available offering or as content which can be requested in exchange for contact details. To be honest, a White Paper is really just a particular presentation of a technical article, and it needn’t always take a lot of reworking to get existing material into this format.

Second best are 2- to 4-page case studies which, again, work tremendously on a website as they also act as a testmonial. One of the hardest things to get across on a website, at a glance, is your company’s experience, and a nice list of case studies is a great way to do it. Maybe getting this sort of stuff written is what should be top of your marcomms budget in 2011, rather than just throwing money at traditional advertising. It’s the secret a lot of very successful advertisers in our sector seem to have discovered.

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