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Still think you don’t need a blog?

Most of the companies we’ve encouraged (and helped) to set up blogs in the past year or two have made a great job of it. Some have actually built up a sizeable following, which makes it easier to justify the effort involved in the project. But there are many reasons for incorporating a blog into your company website which have nothing to do with the number of email or news reader subscriptions you get. A series of them are listed in Ten reasons to blog – even if nobody reads it on the Schaefer Marketing Solutions blog. I think the most important, however, is the way a blog makes your website – and by extension your company – seem active, human and authoritative. It’s very hard to get over to a website visitor, at a glance, that you’re very much in business. A blog can do just that.

1 thought on “Still think you don’t need a blog?”

  1. Thank you so much for including my post in your blog today. I’m glad you found it useful and I hope it helps your customers!

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