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Nice reading for when you next get snowed in

Somebody who recently joined the circulation of these daily emails suggested I ought to publish them. I can’t see a compilation challenging Stieg Larsson (or even Aleksandr Orlov) in the bestsellers, but it did seem silly not to at least reformat them into a single document. So I asked my colleague Jackie West to put on her editor’s hat and go through the last year’s articles, throwing out the ones which had been overtaken by events, or perhaps didn’t merit revisiting. She came up with about 150 articles, and we’ve put them together into a nice PDF document for you. I wouldn’t suggest printing the whole thing out, but it looks nice on-screen, and especially on an iPad or Kindle.

Anyway, if you’re new to these emails, or if you’d like to re-read what I’ve sent out this year, you can request a copy of the 168-page PDF document at the landing page we’ve set up here. Lots of nice reading for when you next get snowed in somewhere.

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