Keep your Social Media profiles up to date

If you’re on sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn, it’s quite possible that these pages might be the first ones returned in a Google search for your name. Here’s something you may not know, however. Google is nowadays showing more information about you than might be expected in its results, lifting data directly from these social networking sites. So it may be a good time to smarten up what you have there.

For example, search for Chris Rand on Google and nestling down there is a result from LinkedIn, showing my professional title:

Chris Rand on LinkedIN

You’ll also see this result, which is my Facebook page; Google has chosen a random selection of people from my “friends” list (one or two who I hardly know!) and decided they’re important enough to show in the results:

I guess the takeaway here is that you need to keep these things up-to-date, because people can now see certain information even without visiting the sites.

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