How to get a news release into Google News

Getting your company’s news releases published on the Google News website can get you some serious syndication, as well as triggering news alerts set up by journalists, analysts and other market-watchers. However, Google News only includes information from specialist news websites which meet its criteria. It won’t take anything from your company site. So the way to get on Google News is to ensure you’re featured on one of these sites.

What sites are these? There are two ways to find out. Firstly, you can go to Google News and type in a few search terms relating to your company’s area of activity. The news stories which are returned will give you a good list of sites which clearly get included in the index. The second way is to just test news sites you know and see if they’re in Google News. The way you do this is to type in the domain name of the site prefixed by “site:”, which gives a list of the pages from that site indexed in Google News. So, for example, here we see that is included in Google News, which is great, but note it’s with only a selection of stories.

So, now we know which sites you should submit your news to. To be picked up by Google News, the news story has to meet a whole string of criteria and recommendations, and unfortunately meeting these is in the hands of the news site you’re submitting to. But at least if you’re aware of the rules, you can send your release in the right format and hope it doesn’t get ruined by any subsequent editing. I’ve seen it suggested that 250-500 words is a good length, along with a headline of about 7 words. Whenever you get a press release published by a news website, check to see if it’s in Google News a few days later (just type in your company name). You’ll soon find out which sites are the important ones to concentrate on to get that result, and which ones don’t have much luck themselves.

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