Effortless display advertising: because you’re worth it

When Google AdWords is mentioned, many people don’t think any further than the text ads which surround the results in Google. This is a mistake, because those ads are just the start, and they aren’t even the best value advertising which Google has to offer. The real power in Google AdWords lies in the tens of thousands of other sites which also run the adverts once you’ve set up an AdWords campaign. This is called the “Display Network”, and on nearly all the AdWords campaigns we’re managing for industrial and scientific companies, it’s pulling in more traffic and more sales enquiries than the conventional adverts running down the side of Google search pages.

Let’s say you’re advertising CNC lathes to the UK market. Sure, Google will show your advert, alongside its search results, to anyone who searches for “CNC lathes”. But it can also show your advert on Manufacturingtalk.com, and CNCzone.com, and Findamachine.com, and many, many other interesting sites. Whatever market you’re in, there are sure to be major websites which run Google AdWords ads, because it’s a very lucrative deal for the publisher. And it doesn’t cost you any extra. You still pay per click, and can make your decisions as to the return on your advertising investment with all the data traditionally associated with Google AdWords.

What’s more, on the “Display Network”, you’re not limited to tiny adverts with three lines of text. You can run fully-fledged display advertisements, all managed by Google, with no need to deal with the third-party website directly. These can produce terrific results, if you’re prepared to put the time in.

And there lies the problem, as well as the opportunity. Not many companies are prepared to do this, so the advertisement spaces are relatively cheap. But it’s a whole new dimension to a Google AdWords campaign; you’ll need to monitor all the different sites where your adverts are now running, and if you want to use display ads, you’ll have to design a whole series of different banners to account for the various sizes across the network.

The Solution

I’m pleased to say we can take all that off your hands. Using Business Marketing Online to set up and run your Google AdWords campaign means you don’t have to do any more than raise a purchase order. We’ll create the ads (text and image types), place them (on the search result pages and third-party sites), and manage the whole exercise. And you just pay a fixed cost per visitor we generate, so all the effort involved – including that of the “Display Network” – gets outsourced to us.

We can get visitors to your site, from defined geographical areas, from as little as £600 per month. That would get you 400 quality visitors, guaranteed, and you don’t have to learn anything about Google AdWords. That’s what we do, and we love it. If you’re planning a 2011 advertising schedule, I’m sure Google AdWords is top of your list anyway, so why not let us do all the heavy lifting? Call us on 01462 489060, email us or just let us have your contact details.

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