Why a sales presentation needs an iPad

A client was looking at my Apple iPad the other day (what, and you thought a fanboy like me wouldn’t have one?), and he said “that ought to be a brilliant sales presentation tool”. I replied that I’d already seen several reviews of the device suggesting that one of its most immediate applications would indeed be in business face-to-face presentations.

Imagine you’re on an exhibition stand. You’re not likely to get many casual visitors to sit down and look at a laptop presentation. But you’re also not going to be able to wave a laptop in their face while standing up either; a laptop may be portable, but it’s not a one-handed display device.

The iPad, on (or in) the other hand, is just that. It can be a perfectly sized picture frame capable of storing unlimited numbers of images, brochures and display slides. All it needs is a good way of bringing all this together, and various approaches are starting to appear: Nonlinear is one such app. Apple seems to have cracked the hard bit, which is putting all your company’s marketing material in a salesman’s hand. An app which allows it to be accessed quickly and easily will complete the package.

A recent report on business takeup of the iPad suggests that it’s being considered seriously by larger organisations, with the interest (perhaps surprisingly) coming from the IT department.

With any luck, decent alternatives to the iPad will be on the market by the end of the year, so we’ll have a choice …and the price of these devices may fall. But even at £500, the iPad is easily affordable enough for a salesman to be issued with one just for presentation support. It doesn’t need any other justification, or to be used for anything else.

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  1. This appears to be a week of commenting on your Blog for me Chris.

    Something I would like to add is that the iPad is a great way for salesmen to show of the clippings generated by their technical PR campaign.

    I’m always bemoaning the fact that most companies in the industrial arena don’t do anything with the clippings they generate, both in print and online, after they have appeared.

    This is insane. It’s like buying a stand at a trade show, paying for the lighting, graphics and nice little table with sweets on and then not sending any staff to the show.

    However, using an iPad (and an appropriate re-print agreement with the magazine or an NLA licence naturally) your clippings can become an instant statement of credibility.

    What’s more influential; page one of your presentation where you say you are the leading supplier of 6mm screws to the Ukrainian pet food industry or the clipping from Ukrainian Pet Food Today that says you are the biggest and best?

  2. It’s nice to be one step ahead of you for once, Chris! We’ve already invested in a number of iPads for use at our stand at Electronica 2010 – and each of the salesmen will also be using them after the show in their customer visits. Pre-loading them has been a bit traumatic for one of my colleagues, but we know that it will be a very useful tool when we are there.

    At the risk of promoting Apple even more, the official Apple case is also very good (although incredibly tight on the iPad) – the lid flips around and tucks into the back to make a stand with a similar slope to a keyboard – definitely worth a little extra.

    We were hoping we would have more choice of tablets for the trade fair – but the rest have just not made it out in time…

  3. That’s really impressive. I’d love to know how you get on, and I’m sure everyone who reads this would too.

  4. I have an app called 6S Slide Show in the app store that you may be interested in. Its a really simple image based presentation viewer. You can import images from your photos folder, through iTunes or through Dropbox and organize them in your presentation. The idea is that the app is always ready to do your presentation/pitch. Its free for one presentation so you can try it out and there is an in app purchase if you decide its a useful tool. There’s more info at http://www.e-string.com/6S Thanks.


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