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How can we help you? Our Insider Programme has always been promoted as a training programme, because that’s where most people start, but it’s a lot more than that. Members get access to me and my network of expert contacts for almost any advice they need on online marketing, and it’s all included for just £100 a month.

Recently, an Insider Programme member company (in the instrumentation field) which had launched a blog, asked if we could help sort out some content for it over a period of a few months where internal resources were going to be stretched. They’d quickly built up a readership of a few hundred on the blog (mainly existing customers agreeing to receive updates by email), and they wanted to keep the information flowing. We did three things for them.

Firstly, we identified the important product lines which could do with some refreshed coverage, and scheduled some blog posts looking at general applications for the products, just to give people ideas, and to get new content out there about those products. This was all gathered from the company’s existing marketing material.

Then we arranged for a top management journalist to come in and interview the company’s managing director for an hour or so. From this, he produced an eight-part piece which could be serialised in the blog over many weeks. The exercise went down very well, internally in particular.

Finally, the company product managers devised a few visual demonstrations of their instruments’ operation and maintenance, and we spent a couple of hours making some two-minute videos which could be published on the blog.

The important thing was that there was no charge to arrange all this, just the cost of doing it …which is way less than even a few years ago. Having our ideas and our network of contacts on tap is a benefit of the Insider Programme that can cover the cost of membership on its own.

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