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UK advertising continues to move online

An increase in TV advertising spending around the World Cup should put TV’s share of the UK advertising market back to the top spot in 2010, above internet advertising. That’s according to data from the Advertising Association and marketing information service Warc. You might have seen this data reported in the press last week, but it was shrouded in obfuscation. The headline figures were all about the percentage growth in different media, so cinema advertising got rave reviews for increasing by 25%; nobody seemed to draw too much attention to the fact that this tiny medium is barely a twentieth of the size of TV or internet advertising. So let’s look at the actual totals:

UK Advertising expenditure 2010 (forecast) Source: ZenithOptimedia
UK advertising spend 2005 (ZenithOptimedia)

It’s funny how we almost take for granted seeing internet advertising up there with TV, dominating the spending of UK advertisers. And don’t forget that in 2009, internet advertising expenditure actually passed TV. But even as recently as 2005, just five years ago, this was where the UK was spending its advertising budgets:

UK Advertising expenditure 2005 Source: ZenithOptimedia
UK advertising spend 2005 (ZenithOptimedia)

How soon we forget. Of course, in business-to-business advertising, particularly the industrial and scientific sectors, things will be quite different: it might be interesting to run a survey and see what everyone’s planning for 2011. Watch this space.

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