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Google Analytics doesn’t understand your business

If you have Google Analytics installed on your website, or any similar traffic analysis service which gives you industrial quantities of data, you’ll almost certainly be overwhelmed at what’s on offer. One of the most important things to learn about these analytics applications is that the first thing you need to do is ignore all the information they give you by default, and go for a long walk. There you can think about what you really want to know. Is it the number of visitors to your site? No, that’s a useless statistic. You want to know the number of good-quality visitors (maybe those from the countries you actually service, or those who spend a reasonable amount of time on your site). What about the search terms people use to find your site? Look past the first page: that’s bound to be full up with variations on your company name. Just delete every default item you can from the Google Analytics dashboard, and replace it with something which will be truly helpful in your analysis.

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