Do you have a universal company description?

Most companies get asked quite frequently for a short descriptive piece about themselves, and it’s amazing how often that results in one of two undesirable extremes: reaching for the same paragraph of text which has been in knocking around since 1995, or scribbling out something new that might – just – be suitable. If you have a well-thought-out, commercial piece of text permanently available, it can save you time and you might be surprised how widely it gets used. And not only is it just a click away when you next get asked for that exhibition catalogue entry, if you use it as the introduction to your “about us” page, it’ll get used by all sorts of external websites wanting to include something about you. Don’t forget, not everybody wanting a few words about the company will ask you for them; many will just grab what they need from your website.

So what should go in this universal company description? The important thing is to include links, with relevant anchor text. Some places which use the text will include the links. Others, if you’re paying them (e.g directory entries) can be persuaded to. When the search engines see that anchor text/link combination being used more than a few times, they’re very likely to return the linked-to page for the search. Here’s what we currently have as our stock message, for example:

Business Marketing Online Ltd (BMON) is a UK-based consultancy specialising in providing Google AdWords management for industrial and scientific companies. BMON also runs the Insider Programme online marketing support service which offers support, training and a range of website development tools to marketing management. BMON founder Chris Rand writes Online Marketing – An Article A Day, which is his free B2B marketing blog, read by over 1,000 marketing managers in the UK. There are also updates on the BMON Twitter stream.

See what I did there?

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