Making LinkedIn work for your company

Sometimes it’s hard to get going with using social media for your company because, well, you don’t use things like Twitter and Facebook yourself, and you just can’t summon up the enthusiasm to learn about them and use them for your company. But LinkedIn is different though, because I bet you use it. Doesn’t everyone in business? Well, Top 10 LinkedIn Tips for Lead Generation on the Eloqua Blog might inspire you to spruce up your company’s coverage on the site. Some of the ideas probably aren’t for everybody: I’m really not sure about the application which tells people where you are, but I can see why it might be useful in some circumstances. It is a great idea to add LinkedIn references to your CRM system, and following companies of interest has proved useful for me personally, so do have a think about the suggestions. And – especially if you’re in a small company – do try to get everyone to set up a good LinkedIn profile using standard keywords and messages that you’ve researched.

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  1. Hi Chris – glad you liked the post. Thanks for writing about it and sharing your feedback. The Tripit Application and applications like FourSquare give people a little more of an idea about who you are. I have conversations with my customers about my tweets on Twitter. It makes us more human in a world that continous to be less personal.

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