Keeping up appearances

A post called Content Ideas – Creating an Ongoing Series on Graywolf’s SEO Blog made a smart point. It suggested that if you’re looking for content on your site or blog, you try to come up with regular features, or something which can be serialised. This is a great idea, because not only does it give you a head start and encouragement in creating new content, but it’s something which readers can latch on to as well. It’s one of the reasons why magazines all have “editorial calendars” (although in the trade press, I realise that the main one is that some advertisers are obsessed with appearing in special features, and what the advertisers want, the advertisers get).

I hope you all have somewhere on your site where you can push out less formal content, even if it’s not a blog. A website where the only updated section is the “press releases” page is doomed to suffer a slow, sad demise. An ongoing series of articles can be a great idea, and inspire you to actually make something happen.

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