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How does your site look in miniature?

I love graphs which go upwards. What did I learn from this one? It’s the graph of traffic to my own personal website from just one mobile device – the Apple iPhone – over the past year. There are similar graphs for traffic from iPods as well as Android, BlackBerry and SymbianOS devices.

iPhone traffic to my website

Windows, Mac and Linux computers represented 98% of traffic in August 2009, but only 90% in August 2010. OK, that means the vast majority of visitors are still using PCs with (presumably) big screens, but that growing proportion which has just hit 10% is very significant. It’s over 1,700 visitors a month, and if my personal website was a commercial operation, that could mean serious business opportunities.

Fortunately, most of my site looks great on small screens (it has a separate stylesheet and looks totally different). But does yours? Have you even looked at it on a mobile phone? It’s increasingly important that it looks good on more than just a desktop Windows PC.

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