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Conversion rate and why it’s worth the investment

What does the idea of “redesigning your website” mean to you? Is it to throw the whole thing away and start again? While that can be an exercise which will pay for itself handsomely, it’s not the only option. Instead, you can redesign your existing website, one small piece at a time. What’s more, you can set targets for return on investment (RoI) to justify the effort.

The first thing to do is to assign values to actions which visitors might take on your website. Let’s say, for example, that if someone downloads a brochure, you decide that’s worth up to £5, based on an estimate that for every ten downloaded, somebody makes an enquiry, and from every ten enquiries, somebody becomes an average customer who will make £500 profit for the company. Your figures will doubtless be quite different.

Now you can start looking at that RoI. Let’s say that you have a page about a particular product, which was visited by 500 people last year, and which generated just 10 brochure downloads. That page was worth just £50 to you. Now then, what if someone could redesign the page and increase the number of brochure downloads to 100? Suddenly the page is worth £500. And I’ve seen many examples of people transforming their “conversion rate” by that sort of amount on industrial and scientific websites. With a bit of experimentation, most smart website designers could achieve that for you for less than the increased revenue you’d get as a result.

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